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Medical care is provided by GPs and specialist doctors. The recipient of the medical care remains free to choose his/her own doctor.

The complete round-the-clock nursing and care is provided by a professionally educated team of medical, auxiliary and other care home staff whose main activities include:

  • supervising medication and its administration following the doctor’s orders, giving injections, drips following the doctor’s orders, nursing tasks (bandages, looking after catheters, colostomy bags, cannulas, probes etc.), checking physiological values, sugar levels in the blood, making appointments with specialist doctors, providing medication, medical aids, supplying medication and other medical aids from the chemist’s etc.
  • helping while carrying out activities on their own, maintaining hygiene habits, bathing, getting dressed, accompanying clients to health centres (for regular check-ups, acute problems, examinations, etc.), keeping clients mobile and maintaining motor skills, serving food, feeding.

The objective is:

  • to provide individual nursing care aimed at making the recipient of the social service self-sufficient as quickly as possible
  • to maintain and support the physical, mental and social health of recipients of social services, to reduce suffering and ensure a dignified life
  • to implement knowledge obtained in our care for clients, in compliance with ethical principles and rights
Patientin spricht mit Hausarzt

Social consultancy

Social consultancy is carried out by qualified, specialist staff.

Basic consultancy on social and legal subjects, as well as on ordinary problems in everyday life is provided by a social worker. If specialised social consultancy is required, and for problems outside the competencies of basal social consultancy, the problem in question is consulted, or resolved, directly with specialists in the relevant subject.

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Social rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation is a specialised activity for aiding autonomy, independence, self-sufficiency, for activating skills and reinforcing habits in looking after oneself. As part of their social rehabilitation, the client practices necessary skills which aim to give them the greatest self-sufficiency, taking into account their health handicap.

Main areas of rehabilitation:

  • Taking care of oneself
  • Motor skills (fine, gross)
  • Memory training
  • Work therapy
  • Sense therapy
  • Aesthetic therapy
  • Language and communication

Social rehabilitation is carried out by a social worker.

Enkelin spielt Puzzle mit dementer Oma

Hobbies and work therapy

One of the very important activities in our home is organising clients’ free time, and filling it with meaningful pastimes. Hobbies serve both as entertainment and therapy and are mainly focused on developing physical, mental and social skills and knowledge, and on supporting residents’ creative activities/ talents. They are based on clients’ needs and interests and are offered daily, in the morning and afternoon. Each client is free to choose whether to take part in the activities and to choose from the available offer.

Planned programmes and activities:

  • integration programmes – going to the theatre, various concerts and cultural events, with the objective of giving clients a contact with the social environment, prevent clients’ isolation and give them the opportunity to enjoy positive experiences.
  • hobbies – various creative and other manual activities such as knitting, cutting, painting, construction sets, board games, puzzles, reading and listening to books and other such activities aimed as exercising and maintaining fine and gross motor skills, the opportunity to express their inner feelings through work
  • exercise, walking – preserving and supporting the client’s physical fitness, spending time in the fresh air, contact with the surroundings,
  • sitting and talking – exchanging information on the social, cultural, medical and other aspects of life
  • cultural programmes – performances by children, folk groups, social events etc.
  • suitable activities also include mental work, thinking, meditation, listening to music, watching TV
  • everyday activities such as: cleaning, helping with ironing, maintaining clothing, organising various events, seasonal work in the park, removing the snow, raking leaves etc.

We plan to make information on events organised outside the home regularly accessible, and to offer the opportunity to participate.

The aim of these activities is to take advantage of the effects of work on healing a sick body or disturbed mind. All activities are adapted to the client’s physical and mental state, under the supervision of specialist staff.

They offer clients essential physical activity, adequate mental stimulation and the opportunity to get to know each other.



We provide accommodation in 24 single and 26 double-bedded rooms with their own bathroom and balcony. Each room has an electrically adjustable bed, a special bedside table, a wardrobe, chest of drawers, table and chair.



Following individual needs, we offer healthy meals, including a special diet, 5 to 6 times daily. A drinking regime during the day is also provided. Clients are also given help during meals, and bedridden clients are given patient care and help when eating.

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The premises are cleaned every day by trained employees, precisely following the Disinfection and Sanitation Programme.

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Washing, ironing and clothing maintenance

We take care of the bedclothes and personal clothing of our clients in our home where we have laundry facilities equipped with professional washing-machines and tumble dryers. Everyday maintenance of clothing and laundry  (various minor repairs, sewing) is also provided, depending on the client’s needs.



The hydro-massage baths with which our home is equipped meet strict standards for whole-body water therapy, which the client experiences in a state of rest. They are aimed at providing a healing massage of the upper and lower limbs, as well as of the whole body, using the jets on the sides of the bath. There is a choice of one whole-body hydro-massage bath, two baths for the lower limbs and one for upper limbs.

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Performed by a qualified masseur or physiotherapist. We help our clients relax their tense muscles and thus avoid pains in the back, neck and lower back. A traditional massage also helps the convalescence of muscles and joints after long periods of inactivity as a result of fractures or other injuries.

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Specialised rehabilitation

If necessary, we can also provide specialised rehabilitation for our clients, particularly after sudden strokes, or other serious diagnoses, where systematic work between the client and an experienced physiotherapist is necessary.


Safe for valuables

Our home has facilities for looking after our clients’ valuables. If the client wishes so, we can prepare a contract on the safekeeping of valuables, and we take over the responsibility for his/her property following a record of proceedings.